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We've moved to our new location at The Spot. Check us out online or the actual studio space located at 116 14th Ave E in Ashland.

TRX: Suspension Training

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Shop today!

Here's what we love the most about the TRX:

  1. You can get a super awesome full-body workout in 30 mins or less.
  2. You're using your own body-weight to train, so you get stronger but your muscles stay lean and long.
  3. Emphasis on functional movement. We're all for getting stronger so that when it comes time to shovel snow, garden, or heft children around while toting groceries on your other hip etc. you're less prone to injury.
  4. It's small and easily portable. Really, they're quite cute when all packed down and weigh less than 2lbs.
  5. You can do it anywhere you can find a trusty anchor point. In the studio, outside, in your home.

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Series Classes

Visit our online schedule for the latest on upcoming TRX Series

Drop-in TRX and Rip Classes

For students who are looking for a fat-blasting, cardio-infused workout, our new drop-in TRX classes are an hour-long, and will integrate cardio and plyometrics. Drop-in classes are taught by a certified TRX instructor. Space will be limited, so even though this is a drop-in class, we recommend visiting our online scheduler to sign-up ahead of time to save your spot in these classes.

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